4. In the Old Tavern (Battle in the North, pt. 1)

[verse 1]
In the old tavern of dwarves' mountains
We sat and drank our ale
Wind howled strong outside, rain was pouring down
After the long way tired we were but glad

We talked about the great kings dynasty
About the war with trolls and their slaves
About the wide and sandy wastelands
About the magic of the elves
Then the innkeeper stood up slowly
Gave a sign and started to speak
Long the story was, news, they were so bad
Fear rose in us all

From the North he moves
Dark Lord Raven's Eye
And his army comes
Thousands of undead
Riding his demon horse
Wearing the cursed cross
Going to spread his might
Over our land


[verse 2]
In the old tavern of dwarves' mountains
We sat and smoked our pipes
Sun hid beyond the clouds, we'd ridden for some weeks
After the long way tired we were but glad

5. Icy Mirror

[verse 1]
Ancient wizards built the mirror
Took it to the land of ice
For the vision of reflections
Had to pay with their lifes

Myriads of dancing snowflakes
Falling under polar star
Death and coldness chase your footsteps
If you've chosen winter path

Night is long, the moon is watching
Endless plains to cross and search
For the key to all your questions
For the future of the earth

The crystal mirror
Relic of the past
Its mighty powers
Forever last

[verse 2]
Doors to weird, bizarre dimensions
Forged by wizards, made to flee
From the world of human beings
To the galaxy of dreams



6. Infinite Ride (Battle in the North, pt. 2)

[verse 1]
Soon in the morning, as the sun rose
We left the tavern and saddled our horses
We must defeat the malicious foe
Save our children and free our home

Fast as wind blows we are riding
Blades of battle swords are shining
From the hooves the dust is rising
Faith in justice we are bringing

Seeing the road ahead of us
Hearing the sound of war horns
Feeling the heroes' spirits
Riding to the North

[verse 2]
Long is the journey which we have begun
Over again, moon displaced the sun
Towns and castles are staying behind
Their peoples' future affects our minds

Fast as wind blows we are riding
Blades of battle swords are shining
From the hooves the dust is rising
Trust in future we are bringing

7. Ammit, the Dweller in Amenta

[verse 1]
Through the bright sky, above the earth
Through the undead realms of underworld
Looking at the aimless people rush
Watches the sun god down on his world

You'll be awaited in the Hall of Two Truths
On the Great Balance will your sins be weighed
Heavier will it be, than the Feather of Ma'at
I'll devour your soul, I'm the eater of the dead

[verse 2]
Hoping to enter the presence of Osiris
What did you do for it, mortal man
How many times have you betrayed and lied
And have caused pain just for your own gain


The Scales of Justice have unveiled your misdeeds
Your spirit's demise is now drawing nigh
You are unworthy of further existence
Ammit will soon come to slaughter your soul

[verse 3]
Nile carries his water into endless oceans
Bringing life to this sandy land
Pray to him and ask him if you wish to know
How can your soul be saved from being slain


8. The Defeat of Raven's Eye (Battle in the North, pt. 3)

At the wide valley of condemned bones
We had arrived to meet our foes
Ready for battle, we sang our song
Inciting our swords to defeat evil throne

[verse 1]
It was moving just ahead of us
Monstrous army of the liches
Raven's eye's unholy warriors
The dark souls of demon preachers
That would be our final battle
In these lands of ice and snow
Time had come to break the shackles
Bringing freedom to our home

Shoot the arrows, human archers
Strike with hooves, berserk horses
Heal the wounds, skillful clerics
Swing your blades, brave swordsmen

[verse 2]
Warlocks summoned giant spiders
And they tore our men to pieces
Sunlight faded in our eyes
Was it time to pray for mercy?
Lord of terror laughed madly
Cold and cruel were his orders
Nothing seemed to stop his army
To defeat his deadly servants


[verse 3]
Then the wind began to change
Magic filled the dusty valley
As the host of mountain dwarves
At nightfall joined our army
Ancient swords and mithril armors
Were resistant to black powers
The undead force fled in panic
And the victory was ours

9. The Gates of Moria

[verse 1]
Just to the west
From the lone-lands
Lie misty mountains
Cheerless place
Scary and lorn
Only for brave hearts

There you can find
If you don't mind
Way to the black pit
Behind the doors
Secret of dwarves
Peril awaits you

From the abyss came the terror
Nameless creatures filled the mines
Pain and horror are the vengeance
For their greed for mithril

The doors of Durin
Lord of Moria
Speak, friend, and enter the Khazad-dûm

[verse 2]
Khazad-dûm throne
Everywhere known
Wealthy and famous
When Sauron came
And war began
Gates were soon closed

Unscathed from foes
Dwarves' realm throve
They dug new caverns
And went too deep
Horror unleashed
And overran them

10. Arrival of the Comet

[verse 1]
Fiery dancing serpent
Moves through heaven's gate
upon its candescent breath
Sunlight fades
Meteoric cluster
Far away it blusters
Every second getting closer
It invites disaster

[verse 2]
Think about your future
Think about your past
No way to stop the comet
It comes down
Technologic progress
Could not save the earth
All collected knowledge
Has no worth

Birds flying calmly
In the sky
Among the clouds
Very high
Our hearts are beating
How long yet?
Is the time coming
To pay for debts?


[verse 1]